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Sundays - Contras and Community Dance, September - May; monthly ballroom dances to live bands; beginning ballroom class

Mondays - Square Dance class and Mainstream session

Tuesdays -

Salsa Exercise Class, Line Dance Class, International Folk Dance

Thursdays -

Salsa Exercise Class, Line Dance Class, Ballroom Class

Saturdays - Monthly Ballroom Dances


Square Dance


Belly Dance

Line Dancing


Salsercise (Salsa Exercise Class)

Movement & Dance for Parkinson's





Dance Zone The Place to Dance in Marquette County 1113 Lincoln Avenue Marquette, MI 49855 906-236-1457 Please bring clean-soled low-tread shoes to protect the floor and dancers' knees.
Dance ZoneThe Place to Dance in Marquette County1113 Lincoln AvenueMarquette, MI Please bring clean-soled low-tread shoes to protect the floor and dancers' knees.    

Resources for Square Dance Class

 Fall Square Dance class meets on Mondays from 6-7:30 pm.  This is a class, so please do    be prepared to commit the time if you want to learn.  You may miss a class or two, but remember that the entire class is affected if you miss much class time.  

Let Marge know (906-236-1457) if you must miss a class. 


Below are some items that will be useful in class.


Web sites that show Square Dancing moves:


Japanese Version with descriptions and basic illustrations:

German Version with descriptions and pretty illustrations:



Note:  Both of these sites give directions in English as well as the language at the origin site.  Just tap on the web address to open the websites.



Here's the class schedule.  If you don't understand the terms, you will by the end of class!  We'll go over everything several times and build on what you learned each week.


  • Club 50 Lesson Plans

Session One

  • Circle Left/Right

Forward & Back

  • DosaDo
  • Swing
  • Promenade (fractional/wrong way/single)
  • Allemande Left/Arm Turns
  • Right &Left Grand/Weave the Ring
  • Stars, Right/Left
  • Ladies Chain
  • Pass Thru
  • Wheel Around
  • Session Two
  • Star Thru/Slide Thru
  • Half Sashay/Rollaway/Lad Cntr Men Sashay
  • Session Three (lots of review)
  • California Twirl
  • Bend the Line
  • U-turn Back
  • Dive Thru
  • Session Four
  • Square Thru
  • Grand Square
  • Session Five
  • Lead Right/Left
  • Veer Left/Right
  • Couple Circulate: desig dancers circulate
  • Trade: couples, centers, ends
  • Chain Down the Line
  • Session Six
  • Right and Left Thru
  • Flutter Wheel/Reverse Flutter Wheel
  • Sweep a Quarter
  • Session Seven
  • Circle to a Line
  • Separate: and/or go around 1;2;3 (to a line or
  • down the middle)
  • Split Two: and/or go around 1,2,3 (to a line
  • or down the middle)
  • Wheel and Deal
  • Double Pass Thru
  • First Left, Next Right
  • Session Eight
  • Ocean Wave (dosado, step to a wave)
  • Trade Right, Trade Left, Swing Thru, Alamo Style
  • Run/Cross Run
  • Trade: designated dancers (partner, leaders, etc.)
  • Session Nine
  • Pass the Ocean (circulate from waves early)
  • Extend (from /4 Tag)
  • Zoom
  • Session Ten
  • Centers In
  • Cast Off 3/4
  • Ferris Wheel
  • Trade By
  • Session Eleven
  • Box the Gnat
  • Hinge: Single/Couples
  • Touch /4
  • Circulate (from waves/columns)
  • Tag the Line
  • Session Twelve
  • Half Tag
  • Fold/Cross Fold
  • Scoot Back




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