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Sundays -Ballroom

Mondays - Square Dance class and Mainstream session

Line Dancing


Tuesdays -

International Folk Dance

Wednesdays -

Line Dancing

Belly Dancing

Thursdays -

Ballet Class


International Folk Dance

Saturdays - Private Lessons


Square Dance


Belly Dance

Line Dancing


Salsercise (Salsa Exercise Class)

Movement & Dance for Parkinson's






Dance Zone The Place to Dance in Marquette County 1113 Lincoln Avenue Marquette, MI 49855 906-236-1457 Please bring clean-soled low-tread shoes to protect the floor and dancers' knees.
Dance ZoneThe Place to Dance in Marquette County1113 Lincoln AvenueMarquette, MI Please bring clean-soled low-tread shoes to protect the floor and dancers' knees.    

International Folk Dancing

Folk Dancing:

NMU International Dance Club – Learn a new culture through movement.  FREE and open to the public.

Meets on Tuesdays from 7:00 PM at Dance Zone
Lesson at 7 PM for new dancers


Marquette Folk Dancers - meets on Fridays from 7 PM at Dance Zone.  $3 per person.


The NMU International Dancers is both a social and a performance group.  However, no one is required to perform.  This group is open to dancers of all ages.  Young children should be accompanied by an adult.


The NMU International Dancers is a group of NMU students, alumni, faculty and Marquette area residents who enjoy learning about different cultures through music and dance.

Several of the student members are new to the troupe and had never seen an dance before two weeks ago.  Adding our experience together, we have about 125 years experience doing different types of folk, ballroom, swing and other dnaces.


The NMU International Dancers meet weekly in Marquette, on Tuesdays from 7:30 PM at Dance Zone.


Normally, dancing is free.  We ask for a minimal donation to pay the rent at Presque Isle Park.


The NMU International Dancers
Performance Troupe
Educating the Upper Peninsula through cultural entertainment.  We do full performances of dances from:

  •  Greece
  •  Poland
  •  Italy
  •  Bulgaria
  •  Mexico
  •  Polynesia
  •  Ireland
  •  Israel
  •  Rumania
  •  Hungary
  •  Croatia
  •  Serbia
  •  Macedonia 
  •  Middle East
  •  Turkey
  •  Russia
Our performances employ our ethnic costume collection of several hundred costumes from around the world.  International performances also include dances from India, South America, Canada, Africa and most European countries.
Contact Marge Sklar (906) 225-5702 or (906) 236-1457 for scheduling and pricing information. 
Contributions are tax deductible.  Make checks payable to the Northern Michigan University Foundation and specify the NMU International Dancers




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